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Finding Funds For The Work Of ENEJ

Contact Steven Simpkins at with any questions you might have concerning fundraising.

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In order to support an expanded program, the ENEJ is approaching fundraising in a more systematic fashion for which we need the help of all our members. In addition to seeking new members and renewals, we will be targeting a number of dioceses where we have good contacts and which may have resources to share. Specifically we will come up with a list of 20 dioceses from which we hope to raise $1000 each, either from the diocese or organizations within the diocese, such as Peace & Justice Commissions. We are thinking especially of large urban dioceses associated with economic justice activity and where we are strongly represented with ENEJ members, for example, the Dioceses of Los Angeles, Newark, Michigan, Ohio and Southern Ohio, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Atlanta, Pennsylvania and Washington.

We will also have a list of smaller dioceses where we also have ENEJ representation, dioceses such as Milwaukee and Mississippi. Additionally we hope to identify 20 larger parishes, such as members of endowed parishes, from which we would also be seeking larger contributions.

These dioceses and congregations will be contacted by letter (and follow-up phone calls or contacts), including materials which highlight what ENEJ is, what we have accomplished and what we are currently doing and how we can provide resources to support economic justice activity at each level. These resources include materials such as the Community Investing booklet, a video on living wage campaigns and educational modules to help congregations and groups deal with economic issues and questions from a Christian perspective.

Additionally of course are the variety of people within the ENEJ network across the country who can provide technical assistance to groups wishing to become engaged in economic justice activity, from organizing a credit union to advocating for living wages. With this newsletter you will find we're now asking for memberships from individuals, congregations and dioceses: $50+ for individuals (for limited income persons, still $10), $100+ congregations or parish organizations and $250+ for dioceses.

So here, dear reader, is where you come in: If you are a present member, please renew your membership by downloading and submitting this mail-in form with your check or through this online form and, where your means permit, give a generous contribution over and above the individual membership amount. If you are not a member, please join us.

Secondly, please let us know if you can approach your bishop for a diocesan contribution or if you know some other diocesan entity that can be approached or if you are a member of an endowed parish or contacts with such entities with resources that we may approach to support our work. Can you help us with follow-up contacts with these bishops or parishes after we send out letters? Please let us know what you can do, as we organize this fundraising effort!



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If you would like to make your local ministry known to the entire national church, please send a brief project description.

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